Your recipe for good times!

Take 5 local musicians with a love for the Blues, Country, Folk and a little jazz...


* a pinch of Rock 'n Roll
* a hint of fun

Blend 'em together and you get
The Kytchyn Sync!

We play the songs that we grew up with from...not so long ago...that brought us joy, made us laugh and comforted us in our own trying times of sadness.


kytchyn sync


How it all began...

Bob Stanberry  (Konnarock) and Trish Chaney (California) met in one of the practice rooms at a local jam session in Abingdon back in 2010; and, in talking about how they got where they were, starting playing familiar tunes and singing verses from different songs of the 60's, 70's, and some 80's. After a few Jams, Tom Antenucci, (Abingdon), Carter Chafin (Lebanon) and David Bettis (Knoxville, TN) soon joined in, with the most frequent question being "Hey, do you remember this?" or "Did you ever hear this one?"  and they brought their variety of tunes as well.

After working up a couple of songs, we took to one of the jam stages, and judging from the audiences' reaction, you enjoy hearing those old songs, too, so it's our pleasure to sing, play, and bring your memories back to you. And if "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", we are the most sincere. Our thanks and respect  to ALL of the artists we cover.

2017 Kytchyn Sync
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